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Top Ten Tips for New BUSD Teachers from BFT

#1 - Use the BFT-produced flyer "Is Your Paycheck Correct?" which normally comes out in October. It is critical that you know you are being paid correctly.


#3 - ALWAYS keep your copy of any ABSENCE CERTIFICATES. You should keep a record of your own sick leave balance - do not assume that the balance reflected on your paycheck stub/receipt is correct.

#4 - ALWAYS request PRIOR APPROVAL for any courses you will take before they begin, even courses required for your clear credential, or courses that the District requires you to take. You will not get credit toward advancement on the salary schedule without prior approval. Ask for prior approval even if youÕre not sure you will take the class.

#5 - Take the evaluation process very seriously. Remember: you have absolutely zero due process rights in your first two years in a new district. You must convince your evaluator that you deserve to be given a permanent position. Work with your evaluator to arrange observations of your strongest classes and avoid visits to your most difficult classes. Use your prerogative to postpone one formative observation. In your second year remember you are still not yet permanent.

#6 - Register with the AESOP Sub System immediately. Know how to call for a sub and call for one when you need to.

#7 - Join the BFT/BUSD Sick Leave Bank. This is a bank of sick leave days set up to assist people facing serious illness. When you join you agree to donate one day per year for your first three years in BUSD. You can only make use of the bank if you are a member. Open enrollment for the bank will take place in September.

#8 - When communicating with a District department (Payroll, Benefits, Human Resources) use email. This is much more efficient than using the phone and creates a record of your communications. Use Bemail.

#9 - When asked to take on sponsorship of clubs, teams, activities, etc. (and you will be asked) do not immediately say yes. Take time to find out what you are really being asked to do. Look for clubs, etc. with an ongoing veteran advisor you can learn from. Do not take on too much in your first or second year in BUSD.

#10 - Know your BFT Site Rep (see reverse) and call upon them with questions and concerns.