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Tax-Sheltered Annuities/403(b) Accounts

  1. How can I find out what 403(b) options I have as a BUSD employee?

    You can go to the "Schedules" section of the BFT web site,, or you can go to the Payroll office and view the list on the wall outside the office.

  2. Where can I get external information about these plans?

    The federal Securities and Exchange Commission has section on their web site called “Just for Teachers” to help Pre-K to 12 teachers evaluate and select investments for 403(b) plans and other savings options. Go to

  3. What if I have a 403(b) from a previous employer and I want to consolidate plans?

    Usually you can contact a BUSD authorized vendor and they can walk you through the process of consolidating plans.

  4. Do I have any access to free or low-cost financial planning advice?

    Yes, the BUSD Employee Assistance Program through Horizon Health offers some financial planning services. You can contact Horizon Health at 1-800-342-8111, or by going to the web site, On the web site your log-in is BUSD34 and the password is eap.

  5. Does CalSTRS offer 403(b) plans?

    Yes, they do. You can find more information on the STRS web site: