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Reduced Workload ("Willie Brown") Leaves

(sometimes known as "Willie Brown Leaves")

  1. What is a Reduced Work Load?

    A Reduced Work Load (RWL) allows a teacher working toward retirement to work part-time but to receive District contributions to STRS and to the cost of medical and dental benefits that are equal to what the District contributes when a teacher works full time.

  2. Who is eligible to go on a Reduced Work Load?

    State law requires that a teacher eligible for an RWL must be 55 years old and must have been employed full time in a position requiring certification for at least ten (10) years, of which the immediately proceeding five years were full-time employment. The BUSD/BFT Collective Bargaining Agreement requires that a teacher eligible for an RWL must have worked full time in BUSD for five years prior to the RWL.

  3. What FTE do I have to work if I am on a RWL?

    State law requires that a teacher on an RWL work no less than .50 FTE.

  4. How long can I work on an RWL?

    State law limits the amount of time a teacher can be on an RWL to ten years.

  5. Does the District have to approve my request for an RWL?

    No, this decision does not require District approval. State law specifies that the request will be granted.

  6. What happens with my benefits when I am on a RWL?

    Your contribution and the District’s contribution to the cost of medical and dental premiums are calculated as if you are working full time.

  7. What happens with my annual sick leave credit when I am on an RWL?

    If you begin your RWL in the 08/09 school year or beyond your sick leave credit is pro-rated based on your FTE. For example, if you work .60 FTE you will receive a credit of 6.6 sick leave days for that school year (11 days x .60 = 6.6 days).

  8. What if I want to increase my FTE the year after I start on an RWL?

    BUSD and Section 17.3.7 of the current contract reads: "Any change in the percent of teaching time may be requested by either party but granted only by mutual consent." This means it requires mutual agreement to change your FTE in the middle of a current school year. However, in future years you can increase your FTE up to the full FTE you “own” if you so desire.

  9. How can I get more information about the impact of an RWL on my STRS retirement?

    BFT encourages you to talk with a STRS counselor. You can talk to a counselor by telephone by calling 800-228-5453 and choosing the “telephone counseling” option, or by making an appointment to meet in person with an STRS counselor. To make an in person appointment, call the STRS office in Hayward at 510-670-4200.

  10. What do I do if I want to request an RWL?

    We advise you to write a hard copy letter to Evelyn Bradley, Director of Personnel, requesting a Reduced Work Load and specifying the amount of FTE you wish to work. Be sure to keep a copy of your letter for your own records. You should request your reduced work load prior to July 15th.