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Peer Coaching Opportunities

All BUSD Teachers Eligible to Apply!


  • Are you teaching a new grade level or subject area this year?
  • Have you transferred to a new school?
  • Do you want to improve your teaching practice through one-to-one work with a peer coach?
  • Do you have individual professional development needs that are not met through districtwide staff development days, or department/grade level meetings?
  • Are you teaching with an intern credential?

If so, consider joining the fully voluntary Peer Coaching program sponsored by the Berkeley Peer Assistance and Review (B-PAR) program. You will receive the assistance of a Peer Coach who will work with you to address your particular professional development needs for one semester or possibly the entire year. Support from your Peer Coach may include observations, conducting demonstration lessons, helping with curriculum planning or classroom design, debriefing observations, or sharing materials. Funds for sub release may be available. The limited number of Peer Coaches will be assigned to as many applicants as possible. If you have a particular teacher with whom you would like to work, the B-PAR Governing Panel will consider your request.

This program is completely non-evaluative and confidential.

If you are interested, please fill out the attached application and send it via intra-district mail to the Berkeley Federation of Teachers.

For more information, contact Cathy Campbell, B-PAR Governing Panel Chairperson, at 549-2307 or Sharon Friedman, BUSD Professional Development Coordinator, at 644-8727.