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On Campus Intervention at BHS

1. What should I do if I have an urgent need for a Safety Officer, e.g. there’s a fight in my classroom?

a. In talking with OCI staff, they recommend the following three steps for getting immediate SSO attention:

i. Plan A—Call OCI at x18140

ii. Plan B—Call the Front Desk at x14150

iii. Plan C—Send a student to get a Safety Officer (see locations below)

2. If I send a student to OCI but don’t have time to write a referral because I’m in the middle of class, how best can I communicate to OCI staff the urgency or severity of the situation?

a. The best thing to do is use the “OCI QuickPass” developed by David Luu. Every teacher will receive a stack of these in their mailbox in the next week or two. Note two expectations when you send a student to OCI:

i. You will follow up with a phone call home. It is EXTREMELY important to our parents and families that they know when their children are missing class due to behavior issues.

ii. You will follow up with a referral to OCI.

b. The next best thing to do is to call down to OCI, if at all possible.

3. What’s the best way to fill out a referral so that I know it gets entered into the system in a timely manner?

a. Using the online referral system is BY FAR better than completing a paper referral. Note that completing the “Student ID” field is extremely helpful to OCI staff.

b. There is an option to receive a copy of the referral on the online form—teachers should make sure to select this option.

c. Online referrals automatically go to Ms. Mahli, Mr. Luu, and Mr. McDonald. By Spring Break, you should get an automatic “Read Receipt” when a member of the OCI staff reads your referral.

d. You can expect that your referral will be entered into PowerSchool within 24 hours. If, after that point, you cannot find your referral in PowerSchool, you should contact Mr. McDonald.


4. Will my referral be entered into PowerSchool exactly as I wrote it? If not, how will it be logged in a fair and impartial manner?

a. We are working with OCI staff to develop standardized language for logging referrals and disciplinary incidents wherein there’s a difference in perspective between the student and the teacher. This will likely end up with some variation on “Teacher reports/alleges ...” and “Student reports/alleges...”

b. Note: it is important to be as specific in your language when writing a referral as possible—e.g. rather than write that a student “got angry,” be clear about what the relevant, inappropriate behavior was.

5. How will I know how my referral was addressed? When will I know that?

a. If you use the online referral form, you can expect an email response from OCI staff within 48 hours.

b. If you complete a paper referral form, the best thing to do is to go personally check in at OCI about it.

6. If I send a student to OCI, can they be returned to class without communicating with me first?

a. OCI staff report that students sent to OCI are NEVER returned to class without a teacher’s permission. It is worth noting that sometimes students show up in OCI who haven’t been sent there by a teacher. These students are sometimes sent back to class.

7. How does OCI deal with students who receive repeated referrals?

a. OCI staff report that those students sent to OCI repeatedly get more intensive counseling and family engagement from Mr. McDonald. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to students who are repeatedly sent out of class, but the basic framework looks like this:

i. The incident is documented.

ii. The parents are notified (in the case of students being repeatedly sent out of class, this means that OCI staff connect with parents).

iii. Support service are offered, e.g. ATOB, mental health counseling, after school tutorials, restorative justice.

iv. A parent-teacher conference is attempted when it’s the same teacher issuing repeated referrals. If there are multiple teachers issuing referrals, a larger conference is requested.

v. If several intervention attempts are unsuccessful, suspension is initiated.

b. Note that students who get repeatedly sent to OCI are often already on the radar of the BHS Intervention Team; if not, repeated OCI referrals get them there.