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Inservice Credit

Important Information about Inservice Credit 


Download the Inservice Credit Form from the Forms Page
  • Do you ever attend SST's and IEP's? 
  • Do you ever attend committee meetings beyond the duty day? 
  • Did you know you can receive unit credit for these SST's, IEP's and other meetings for advancement on the salary schedule? 
NOTE: Even if you are on Column VII of the salary schedule you can benefit from Inservice Credit. See below. 

One Unit for Every Thirty (30) Hours of Meetings 

Article 14, Section 9 of the BFT/BUSD Contract allows for inservice credit toward salary schedule advancement for attending meetings and committees beyond the duty day. One (1) unit of inservice credit is granted for every thirty (30) hours of inservice. For people on Column VII of the salary schedule, one (1) day of sick leave credit shall be granted for every thirty (30) hours of inservice. Inservice credit shall be provided for teachers who 

  • Attend meetings for parent orientations and other evening meetings 
  • Serve on Site or District committees 
  • Attend meetings beyond normal Wednesday staff meetings, department/grade level meetings or collaboration meetings 

One Unit for Every Fifteen (15) Hours of IEPs and SSTs 

For teachers who are required to attend IEP and SST meetings, and Special Education teachers who do case management, assessments, report writing or develop IEPs beyond the duty day, one (1) inservice credit shall be granted for every fifteen (15) hours of service (or one day of sick leave if the teacher is on Column VII of the salary schedule or is an Adult School teacher). 

For all units, prior approval must be granted by the site administrator and credits must be documented on the District Inservice form. This form is available on the BFT web site. 

Send your form to Evelyn Bradley, Director of Personnel, in the BUSD HR office

If you have questions about your rights under this contract provision feel free to call the BFT office at 549-2307. 

Updated Jan 2011