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Course Approval and Salary Advancement

Important Salary Advancement/Course Approval Information from BFT

  1. I am planning to take classes this summer to help me advance on the salary schedule. How do I make sure these courses will “count” toward advancement?

    It is critical that you receive prior approval for these courses. You can do this by completing a Prior Course Approval form (see sample on reverse side). Forms are available in the Human Resources office and may be available at your school. You must get any courses approved within two (2) weeks from the date the class starts. (See Article 14, Section 8.1 of the BFT/BUSD Collective Bargaining Agreement for this language.)

  2. How do I submit this form?

    You should send your Prior Course Approval form to Assistant Superintendent Delia Ruiz. BFT recommends hand delivering your form and getting the HR copy, and the copy for your own records, time-stamped by the HR receptionist.

  3. What if I think I might take a course, but I’m not sure?

    BFT recommends that you submit a Prior Course Approval form even if you are not sure. This will give you the greatest protection.

  4. When do I have to complete these courses if I want them to count toward salary advancement next year?

    Courses must be completed by the beginning of the school year, except when a summer session course in which all assignments have been completed is not concluded by that time.

  5. When do I have to submit transcripts?

    You must submit transcripts by November 15th. If transcripts are not available by November 15th, a letter of verification from the university or college specifying that the work has been completed will suffice, but this must be submitted by November 15th.