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Alternative Evaluation

Bereavement Leave

BAS Teacher Rights

BFT FAQ on Transition to CalPERS for Medical Benefits

Childrearing Leave

Childrearing Leave Compensation

Course Approval and Salary Advancement

Classroom Management

Credentials - What You Need to Know

Custodial and Maintenance Issues

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider - MHN (HealthNet)

Enrolling Your Child in a BUSD School

Medical Leave to Care For Family Members and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Evaluations - "K-12 Evaluations"

Help Guide to Payroll, Benefits and HR

Inservice Credit

Leave of Absence Requests

Legal Assistance Resources

Maternity Leave - see Childrearing Leave

Medical Leave When You Are Sick

Meeting with An Administrator - Your Rights

National Board Certification

New Teachers - "Top Ten Tips for New BUSD Teachers from BFT"

On Campus Intervention at BHS

Parent Complaints

Parking & Classroom Access

Part-Time Teachers: Important Info You Need to Know

Paternity Leave - see Childrearing Leave

Peer Coaching Opportunities

Personal Leave

Print Shop

Professional Development Money Available for Teachers

Reduced Workload ("Willie Brown") Leaves



Retirement - BUSD Guide to Retiree Benefits

Retirement - Contract Language

Sabbatical Leave

SBAC Testing 2015

Sick Leave Bank

Special Education Teachers

Step and Column - How to Calculate

Tax-Sheltered Annuities / 403(b) Accounts

Teacher and Student Safety

Temporary Teachers


Workers Compensation - What To Do if You Are injured on the Job

Working with the BUSD Print Shop